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Department of Nursing (English)

    Department of Nursing (English)
    Prof. Nezihe KIZILKAYA BEJI
    Head of Department

    Nurses improve and protect the health of the individual, family, and society, in case of illness and increase the quality of life. It includes the roles of providing care, implementing a medical diagnosis and treatment plan prepared by a physician, creating a safe and healthy environment, education, consultancy, research, management, quality improvement, cooperation, and communication. Nursing services cover the subjects of providing nursing care to people in all stages of life starting from the prenatal period, within the framework of professional standards and ethical principles, in every environment where they live and work, using the knowledge, skills, and decision-making skills gained through vocational education (8 March 2010 Nursing Regulation, No: 27515).

    Biruni University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing accepted its first students in the 2014-2015 academic year. The duration of undergraduate education in the Department of Nursing is four years, and students with or without scholarships have been accepted to the department with the SAY (Math and Science) grade type. The language of instruction is Turkish.

    Graduates who complete the program are entitled to receive a “Nursing Bachelor’s Degree Diploma”.

    The purpose of the department; who can understand the values ​​and behaviors of people, communicate effectively, determine the needs of healthy or sick individuals, provide health-promoting, curative, and rehabilitative care services, and take active roles in nursing education, management and research to train nurses with innovative, assertive, holistic care philosophy and professional ethical principles.

    The educational goal of the department; to ensure that students gain the necessary knowledge and skills in the basic fields of nursing and are trained to take responsibility in all application areas of the profession.

    Nursing is an educational discipline blending science with art that is responsible for the planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of services for the purposes of protecting, developing and improving the health and well-being of individuals, family, and society as a whole. Nursing is one of the professions that the society needs most in the world and in the country with wide range of employment opportunities due to a global shortage of professionals in the field. Graduates work as clinical nurses, executive nurses, and training nurses in public or private institutions and organizations that provide primary, secondary and tertiary health care. Also, they can work in many different positions such as school health nurse, workplace nurse, home care nurse, etc. In addition, they have the opportunity to pursue an academic career if they prefer so by furthering their studies in graduate programs.

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