Department of Midwifery - Biruni Üniversitesi

Department of Midwifery

    Department of Midwifery
    Asst. Prof. Nilgün AVCI
    Head of Department

    The midwife is a health professional who providespreconceptional care starting from the pre-pregnancy period, and can prepare and carry out prenatal education programs, can provide the necessary monitoring and counseling services during pregnancy, childbirth and end of birth, can take the necessary precautions by identifying risky situations and who can provide newborn care, 0-6 year old child monitoring and family planning counseling.

    Graduates who receive the title of midwife, can work in public, university and private hospitals, public health centers, family health centers, pregnant education centers. Midwives can also work as free midwives by opening a private health cabin. Or, if they wish, they can complete their postgraduate studies and work as academicians.