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Message From Dean

    Message From Dean
    Professor Nezihe KIZILKAYA BEJİ

    Today, factors such as technology, developments in health sciences, economy, urbanization, industrialization and lifestyles all affect societies and health needs. Need for better health services to the community and consequently for work force in the field of health is increasing. The success of the healthcare services depends on the well-trained healthcare teams such as physicians, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, physiotherapists, and audiologists who are going to increase the standards of diagnosis, treatment and care of the articles in the health care system. Educating health professionals who are competent in their field is key to increasing the healthcare level in the field. Biruni University, founded specifically to provide eminent education in the field of health sciences, comprises, among other faculties, the Faculty of Health Sciences (SABİF) which consists of 14 departments: Emergency Aid and Disaster Management, Dietetics, Child Development, Language and Speech therapy (Turkish and English), Midwifery, Nursing (Turkish and English), Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish and English), Audiology, Health Management and Social Services. Our aim in the faculty is to encourage our students to be professionals capable of working across the world in their fields by offering high-standard education programs comparable with developed countries at global scale. Finally, disclosing the full potentials of our students, we aim to raise successful individuals who can overcome the problems by producing constructive and creative solutions, and who are healthy, trustworthy, happy, and at peace with life.

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