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Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

    Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
    Department Head

    The physiotherapist profession was born to eliminate the functional losses of the disabled population caused by wars, accidents and polio epidemics and has reached its current popular position by going through many stages. The present and future needs of societies that have become increasingly inactive due to the developing technology in the world and our country make the development of the physiotherapist profession inevitable.

    Physiotherapists can use physiotherapy-specific evaluation methods after the diagnosis of a specialist physician, have the knowledge and skills to plan and apply treatment approaches developed by physiotherapists. Physiotherapists have essential duties in increasing health and quality of life in injuries, diseases, old age, pain, and dysfunction that cause movement disorders. In addition, physiotherapists determine, plan, and implement evidence-based preventive and improving protocols by making measurements and tests related to their profession to regulate individuals’ physical activities and increase their mobility, except in cases of illness.

    Today, physiotherapists provide services with increasing numbers of approaches in improving the quality of life-related to independent movement and health in all situations where movement and function are threatened for various reasons.

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