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Department of Audiology

    Department of Audiology

    Our Vision: To protect and improve the hearing health of the Turkish people, to enable every person we serve to participate fully in life and reach their maximum potential.

    Our Mission: To train audiologists who will work in this field, who have good theoretical and practical knowledge and to make the science of audiology more recognizable.

    Audiology is the science and health branch that deals with hearing and balance functions. This discipline covers the prevention of hearing and balance disorders, diagnosis of individuals with hearing, and balance loss, planning, implementation and evaluation of re/habilitation processes.

    Biruni University Department of Audiology started 4 years of undergraduate education with 64 students in the 2014-2015 academic year. Students are accepted to the department with quantitative score and the language of education is Turkish. Graduates who succesfully complete their education are entitled to the “Audiologist” denotation. Audiology education in our country has been carried out with master and doctoral programs for nearly 40 years. However, since the number of graduated audiologists is low, undergraduate education has been opened since 2011, a professional definition has been made for the audiologist along with other health professions, and their duties and authorities have been legally secured.

    The first developments in audiology on the world started in the 1920s. The term Audiology was first used in 1940 in the United States on the world. The Second World War initiated the historical development of audiology. Head injuries and acoustic traumas, which constitute a large part of war-related injuries, are one of the most important sources of hearing and balance disorders. The increase in the number of patients suffering from this problem due to the war has led to the emergence of a new profession. Firstly, undergraduate-level schools that train professionals were established in the USA and European countries followed the same process.

    Audiology in Turkey; was first established in 1967 with the Audiology Unit of Hacettepe University, Department of Otorhinolaryngology. In 1968, the department started formal academic education with the Audiology Master’s Program. In 1971 the doctorate education was changed to “Audiology and Speech Disorders” and graduates were awarded “Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Audiology and Speech Disorders”. Audiologists have been graduating from master’s and doctoral programs since 1968 and from undergraduate programs since 2011. Since then they have been practicing their profession.

    Audiologists in Turkey, has taken its place as an independent profession in the multidisciplinary studies.

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