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Flipped Learning Activities Workshop

    Yayın Tarihi :
    21 Haz 2022 Salı
Flipped Learning Activities Workshop

    Organized by the Occupational Therapy Department of the Faculty of Health Sciences, the “Flipped Learning Activities Workshop” was held on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, between 10:30 and 17:30 at the Reyhan Conference Hall. During the event, students presented their graduation projects, and the projects were rated by other students. Prizes were presented to the top three highest-scoring students. At the end of the workshop, students attended the “3D Printing and Assistive Technology in Occupational Therapy” workshop organized by Lecturer Başar Öztürk, and the “Digital Storytelling Workshop” prepared by Prof. Dr. Hülya Kayıhan and Res. Asst. Ekin Akpınar.