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Spinning Babies 2022 Virtual World Confluence

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    14 Eki 2022 Cuma
Spinning Babies 2022 Virtual World Confluence

    Asst. Prof. Halime Şule Selman, one of our faculty members of the Midwifery Department, will give her speech on 16.10.2022 as a primary speaker within the scope of ”Spinning Babies 2022 Virtual World Confluence.”

    Details of her speech:

    Keywords: First birth, multiple c-section, physiologic birth, team work

    Presentation Name: First Births – Focusing on the first labor in the prevention of multiple C-sections

    Description of presentation: Primary cesarean birth is one of the main reasons for repeat cesareans that lead to the increase in cesarean sections rates. Unnecessary routine interventions and hasty decisions leading to cesarean sections in the first childbirth play a particularly important role in the subsequent births in which repeated cesarean sections occur. Repeat cesarean sections lead to an increased risk of serious, sometimes life-threatening, obstetrical complications for both mother and baby. However, if women deliver the first childbirth by vaginal delivery, subsequent pregnancies will more likely to result in normal delivery. This will eventually decrease recurrent cesarean section rates along with unnecessary cesarean section rates. The physiological approach is particularly important during the first births since the first births can take a long time and a more difficult course. The presentation will draw attention to the need for focusing on first births in particular in order to prevent recurrent cesarean sections.

    We congratulate our faculty member Asst.Prof.Halime Şule Selman and we wish her success.